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UX & AI Dependability

Make life simple for users and that’s the challenge for UX designers because they always think how they can make the User Experience even better. Be it a Software, be it an App or Website or even if it is not related to computer, UX designers persists to make users’ life easy.

UX & AI Dependability
UX & AI Dependability

There is a tremendous expansion of digital products from large companies to small companies these days. Almost all of them are having Applications or Websites with a common challenge: Customer Attention and Customer Retention and these has brought focus on User Experience or UX.

On the other hand, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Now let’s focus on how both are dependable on each other.

AI can prevent and eliminate numerous problems that threaten to hinder the effectiveness and success of your website or applications by automating and streamlining them.

UX also play crucial roles in successful AI product development and implementations and should be considered throughout the entirety of the AI life cycle.

Extensive UX research must be completed before any product development can begin to achieve a solid understanding of how the user is currently accomplishing the task and if an AI model can make the task more efficient for them. Once you understand what the user wants and needs, it’s time to design the AI model with the learning from your UX research in mind.

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