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UX – Everywhere around us

Updated: May 17, 2023

Every product we use in our daily life has a User Experience, e.g. Newspapers, Ketchups, Refrigerators, Washing Machine, Doors, Windows, Sofa, Mobile Phones, Laptops, and obviously Softwares and Apps. So any product that we can see or touch or we hold to use gives us some experience, be it good or bad. The creator of the product must be careful and do some research to make the product more Usable, Equitable, Enjoyable and Useful.

UX Everywhere around us
UX Everywhere around us

We, people connected to computer or softwares, understand User Experience as a discipline of specialized design to make the softwares or hardwares easy to use, user must enjoy while reaching the goal without much effort. But in reality UX researcher, UX Designer, Wireframing, Prototyping, etc. is required everywhere. We can take small examples like, in Cars, power steering is much easier to handle than old conventional manual steering because manual steering requires the driver to provide the entire force alone for the steering. For Bikes, kick start and button start has the same difference. In doors we used to use different sized locks that comes with respective keys which is getting replaced by door fixed locks so you do not have to hold the lock and hang but still you have to carry to key and if the key is lost you have to break the lock, hence the number locks are coming in where you do not have to carry keys and no risk to lost it anymore. These all are great example of continuous research in the User Experience and this is the thing which will make our life easy.

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